9 Best Fertilizers for Tomatoes [Updated for 2023]

Grow juicy, flavorful tomatoes when you apply the best fertilizer. Choose from our list of top nine fertilizers that provide the most essential nutrients for tomatoes.

Sean Stratton | Updated February 8, 2023

Tomatoes are likely a staple ingredient in your household, and the secret to growing healthy and delicious tomatoes is to feed them with the proper nutrients.

Fertilizing your tomato plants is an integral part of their growth, and choosing the right fertilizer can make all the difference.

With years of experience in vegetable gardening and horticulture, I have come across many fertilizers that work wonders for tomato plants, and in this article, I will be sharing my top picks for the best tomato fertilizers.

Not all fertilizers are created equal, and choosing the right one significantly enhances the growth and health of your tomato plants. On the other hand, using the wrong fertilizer can cause serious harm to your plants and result in reduced yields.

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9 Best Tomato Fertilizers

  1. Best Overall – Jobe’s Tomato Fertilizer Spikes
  2. Best for Containers and Pots – Miracle-Gro Potting Mix
  3. Best Organic Food – Dr. Earth Organic Tomato Fertilizer
  4. Best Liquid Fertilizer – Harris Organic Plant Food & Plant Fertilizer
  5. Best Nitrogen Fertilizer – Nitrogen Supplement by TPS Nutrients
  6. Best Hydroponic Fertilizer – General Hydroponics Combo Fertilizer
  7. Best Calcium Fertilizer – Calcium Nitrate by EZ-gro
  8. Best Fertilizer for Fruiting – Fitleaf Plant Energy Bloom 10-5-32
  9. Best Fertilizer Mix – Miracle-Gro All Purpose Container Mix

1. Best Overall – Jobe’s Tomato Fertilizer Spikes

Jobe’s has always been a famous brand for producing quality fertilizers for fruits and vegetables. Till now, they have offered fertilizers for tomatoes in several forms. This one from Jobe’s is a fertilizer spike. It’s one pack provides a total of 18 spikes to the buyers. Fertilizer spikes are an ideal solution if you are a lazy gardener.

This Jobe’s Tomato Fertilizer Spikes are time-released. They release the nutrients as per the requirement of the plant. Just bury the spikes on the side of each plant, and your plants are all set to grow. Using these fertilizer spikes will spare you from runoff and messiness.

Once you apply the spikes, getting continuous nutrients is ensured. However, your tomato plants might require two or three spikes per plant. The requirement depends on several conditions. Just go through the instruction on the container, and it will seem clear.

Generally, the spikes can feed the tomato plants for about eight weeks. Moreover, the analysis of this fertilizer says 6-18-6 on it, which indicates the amount of N, P, and K. That means the fertilizer contains more amount of phosphorus and the same amount of Nitrogen and Potassium.

Though the fertilizer is non-certified organic yet it can nourish your robust tomato plants without creating any issues. Thus, Jobe’s Tomato Fertilizer Spikes are indeed your things. So, grab them.

2. Best for Containers and Pots – Miracle-Gro Potting Mix

If you are looking for fertilizer for tomatoes in pots, go with this Miracle-Gro Plant Food. After Jobe’s, Miracle-Gro is known worldwide for its great quality fertilizers. Among all of their fertilizer products, this one comes with a moisture control potting mix. This plant food is an all-purpose fertilizer that is soluble in water.

Its bag comes with 8-qt potting soil with all the necessary nutrients the tomato plants might require. Also, the plant food protects the plant from overwatering. It keeps the plants hydrated as well if under-watering takes place. This moisture-controlling skill of this plant food makes it more famous.

To talk about its nutrient contents, the fertilizer is stuffed with all the essential nutrients. It also helps in the growth of stronger cell walls. Strong cell walls ensure a vigorous plant. Moreover, this fertilizer helps the plants to grow faster and bigger beautifully. Its application ensures more yield of tomatoes.

Just apply this plant food to your tomato garden as directed and wait for the magic. Using this Miracle-Gro water-soluble fertilizer is also safe since there will not be any issues regarding plant burn.

Feeding your plants for about 6 months straight after application, this plant food has made indoor and outdoor cultivation easier. So, get your tomato plants twice bigger with lots of fruits with the help of this best potting mix fertilizer.

3. Best Organic Food – Dr. Earth Organic Tomato Fertilizer

You should look at our selection for those who are more likely to rely on organic fertilizers for their plants. This fertilizer is from Dr. Earth and is considered one of the best organic fertilizers for tomatoes. Not only for tomato cultivation, but this fertilizer also helps grow other vibrant and premium herbs and vegetables.

Each bag of Dr. Earth comes with a perfect blend of each essential nutrient. The fertilizer is superior for providing all the essentials that vegetables crave. It comes with a formula analysis of 4-6-3 NPK. It also includes other ingredients, including feather meal, fishbone, and meal of wild-caught Alaskan, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, mined potassium sulfate, soft rock phosphate, seaweed extract, humic acid, and all.

All these elements are incorporated with each other properly, offering a superior mix. Acknowledging the ingredients of this fertilizer, you must be sure about its authenticity about being 100% organic. Moreover, Dr. Earth also includes advanced pro-biotics that carry both Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae and other helpful soil microbes.

These elements make the soil resistant to drought and improve fruit-growing performance. Overall, this granulated organic fertilizer is best suited for all kinds of plants, including, potted plants, bare-root crops, shrubs, and both winter and summer vegetables.

4. Best Liquid Fertilizer – Harris Organic Plant Food & Plant Fertilizer

Many cultivators opt for liquid fertilizers since they are easier to use. Harris Organic Plant Food has a lot to offer you if you are among those people. It comes with a liquid formula and is considered one of the ideal liquid fertilizers for tomatoes. This Hydrolyzed Liquid Fish Fertilizer Emulsion is an excellent product for tomatoes and other veggies.

We have listed this liquid fertilizer for its outstanding production elements. It is an organic fish fertilizer made from trace minerals and beneficial micronutrients. The manufacturers derive these micronutrients from fish. These elements are later converted into liquid form.

This organic plant food ensures healthy growth by feeding its nutrients. This liquid is an excellent solution for the overall improvement of the root system. Moreover, you can use liquid fertilizer for both indoor and outdoor plants.

The application includes vegetable pots, flowers, lawns, shrubs, fruit trees, and all. Therefore, this is a versatile plant fertilizer with a supreme production process. Overall, this Harris Liquid Fertilizer provides superior microbial activity and rebuilding soil health. It is food for both plants and soil.

5. Best Nitrogen Fertilizer – Nitrogen Supplement by TPS Nutrients

Our next best fertilizer is this TPS Nutrients N-Primer Nitrogen Supplement. It is a Nitrogen-based fertilizer that contains a balanced amount of nitrogen. Its nitrogen nutrients have both positive and negative charges. This N-Primer liquid fertilizer is a great start to have a strong growth circle of tomato plants.

Moreover, it ensures canopy growth with dark green color. The infused nitrogen elements are slowly released into the soil as per the necessity of the plants. Therefore, the fertilizer is an exceptional nitrogen supplement, unlike other sources with quick-release properties.

Additionally, this supplement is also suitable for pot tomato cultivation. It improves the microbial activity in the soil or media. Thus, the media digest the nitrogen nutrient maintaining an optimum rate. Eventually, it helps in the steady growth of plants and fruits.

The complex nitrogen molecules in the fertilizer create a NO2 pipeline and cleave off nitrates slowly and individually. It allows the plant to uptake only the right amount of nitrogen nutrient that resists tip burn of leaves.

So, to achieve continuous and vigorous growth of your plants, grab the TPS Nutrient Nitrogen Supplement at once. The fertilizer is also compatible with all plants and nutrient regimens.

6. Best Hydroponic Fertilizer – General Hydroponics Combo Fertilizer

With the best formula for growing the best base and flower, you should count on our next pick. This is a Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer from General Hydroponics. It is acknowledged to be one of the top hydroponic fertilizers for tomatoes. However, the one we have picked is from the Gh flora series. The series consists of three different liquid nutrients that are highly concentrated.

It offers you the benefit of combining the liquids in different amounts as per the requirement of the plants. This way, you meet the exact right nutrient needs of the plants in every stage of growth and development.

Moreover, the liquids of this hydroponics fertilizer contain a complete package of primary and secondary nutrients along with micronutrients. The elements together improve yield production and crop quality. Also, the fertilizer adds numerous nutrients, flavor, aroma, and even essential oils.

To talk about the liquid formula, we have already mentioned they are highly concentrated and purified. That is why the liquids ensure maximum solubility while applying. Again, they are incorporated with balanced pH. So, ease of use is confirmed.

Overall, the General Hydroponics Combo Fertilizer is a highly reliable product that you should count on. Even Antarctic research scientists also trust the fertilizer for their research.

7. Best Calcium Fertilizer – Calcium Nitrate by EZ-gro

EZ-gro is the best calcium fertilizer for tomatoes. The calcium provides tomato fruit cells with a strong structure. The Calcium Nitrate by EZ-gro fertilizer contains about 18% calcium. This is also a hydroponic fertilizer.

Moreover, this calcium fertilizer stops several root diseases of tomato plants, including blossom end rot. Its pure calcium form is easy to uptake by the plant roots. And so, there is no chance the tomato plants get calcium deficiency syndrome.

Also, this fertilizer comes with an analysis of 15.5-0-0. This supplement offers calcium and also nitrate-nitrogen, respectively, without micronutrients. Additionally, this fertilizer helps in reducing ammonium and sodium, keeping a balanced pH in the media.

Benefiting from all hydroponic crops, fruiting crops, herbs, and vegetables, this Calcium Nitrate fertilizer might be the one you are looking for. It is also a great booster of Hydroponic Systems.

8. Best Fertilizer for Fruiting – Fitleaf Plant Energy Bloom 10-5-32

If your tomato plants have grown well, but now you are a bit concerned about their growing fruit, then, look at this! This Fitleaf Plant Energy Bloom fertilizer is now the perfect fertilizer for fruiting tomatoes. It plays a significant role in the overall performance of tomato plants. The fertilizer is hundred percent soluble in water. So, the application process is easy.

Moreover, Fitleaf Plant Energy is highly suitable for growing vegetables in any hydroponic system. It just has to be an environment of soil-based growing. The fertilizer formula also comes with a balanced pH. Again, speaking of nutrients, the formula has a perfect blend of macro, micro, and secondary nutrients.

However, the best time to use this fertilizer is when the plants are in their flowering stage. It provides the best result when it is used in that stage. Offering improvement in the fruit setting stage, the fertilizer also ensures quality fruit.

You can use this plant food as a direct formula for the soil. Or also, you can mix it with other energy products for plants. Overall, serving its specific purpose, this fertilizer can be a game-changer throughout the harvesting process.

9. Best Fertilizer Mix – Miracle-Gro All Purpose Container Mix

Our last but very effective fertilizer for tomatoes is this one from Miracle-Gro again. Since this is a renowned brand, it offers a broader range of varieties. This one, however, is the best fertilizer mix ever for tomato gardening. The fertilizer mix contains organic and natural plant soil. You can use the mix for any flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc.

One pack can feed your plants for about three months. Your outdoor and indoor container plants are safe and well-harvested once you have this Organics Container Mix. Its all-purpose formula makes gardening easier.

Moreover, it offers a double bounty that means organically, you can get double production yield compared to other unfed plants. Its nutrients are naturally derived, and thus, you can get organic fruits.

Also, the mix includes aged compost formulated from organic and natural elements. It is no less than a processed forest product. Though you cannot use this fertilizer mix for hydroponic tomatoes yet, it is a great deal for other purposes veggies. Overall, to have an overall improvement of your tomato plants, this OMRI-listed fertilizer is undoubtedly the best.

Most Essential Nutrients for Tomatoes

For the optimal growth of tomato plants, the soil must have both macronutrients and micronutrients. Not necessary that the plants need all the nutrients. Availability of the specific ones only will do great. However, the ratio of the nutrients varies depending on the plants’ several growth stages. So, first, let’s get to know the most essential nutrients for tomatoes.

  • Among Macronutrients

Macronutrients are a must-have in the soil to have the utmost production of any fruits or veggies. Nonetheless, the essential macronutrients for tomatoes are N, P, and K.

Nitrogen (N)

The essentiality of nitrogen in plant growth and development is beyond description. Nothing is exceptional with tomato plants. If the plant lacks nitrogen uptake, it will grow a yellowish tint on its bottom leaves, stunting its growth. So, to keep the plant leaf healthy, lush, and green, ensure there is no nitrogen deficiency.

Phosphorus (P)

To grow healthy tomatoes, you must ensure proper plant roots’ growth and development. And without phosphorus, it is not possible. Phosphorus also helps in fruit growth along with root development. You must add phosphorus fertilizer both in the initial and final growth stages.

Potassium (K)

Potassium is also a highly required nutrient for the healthy production of fruit and flower. It accelerates growth and, more importantly, helps in photosynthesis, fighting several diseases. The efficient fertilizer for tomatoes must include twice the amount of potassium as nitrogen.

  • Among Micronutrients

There are several micronutrients required for tomato plants. However, the most essential nutrients are the following.


It ensures a fleshy and quality tomato fruit. Even though tomato seeds already have enough nutrients yet the best fertilizer must include this component.


To make the tomato fruits firm and not so mushy, calcium nutrient is essential. It also helps the fruits not to be too soft.


To have a great shape of tomatoes and for the entire development, sulfur helps in the process.

How to Choose the Best Fertilizer for Tomato Plants?

Choosing the best and right type of tomato fertilizer is a challenge. Yet you can do it if you consider the following factors.

Soil Condition: Before harvesting any plant, consider the soil condition. Soils can be of various types. Like sandy loam, loamy, clay-based, and all. However, what you have to determine is if the field consists of sandy or clay-based soil. These kinds of soils are not suitable for tomato growth. Nonetheless, for a higher yield of tomatoes, well-drained and fertile loam soil does a great job.

Soil pH is also included in this matter. You also have to know the pH level. The convenient soil pH for growing tomatoes is 5.8 to 7.0. So, if the soil does not have the right pH level, you must ensure it by adding the required fertilizers.

Also, to talk about the nutrients, the soil might have some nutrients, including nitrogen, magnesium, and all. Yet they must not be in the proper amount. Thus, fertilizer for tomatoes is required.

Keep Notes on Each Growing Stage: Speaking of essential nutrients for tomato growth, the nutrients may vary in different growth stages. Especially in the initial stage of seedlings, you must ensure the right amount of phosphorous. The seedlings need an enormous amount of phosphorus for the proper sprouting of green leaves from the soil.

Later, when the seedlings grow in plants, it is time you ensure the plants get extra potassium through the fertilizer. It ensures consistent plant growth. For enormous foliage growth, do not forget to add nitrogen as well.

Types of Fertilizer: There are fertilizers available in different forms. They are granules, slow-release granules, powder granules, and liquid. Powder granules are soluble in water. Also, there is organic tomato fertilizer available in the market. Organic fertilizers are entirely safe and environmentally safe to use. However, you can go for any form of fertilizer but ensure you pick the best one.

Final verdict

Your garden deserves to grow healthy tomato plants. And in this process, the best fertilizer can do a lot. Supplying all the essential nutrients, fertilizers play a big role from first to last. However, there are negative consequences as well if you over-fertilize your plants.

Therefore, always follow the instructions before using them. Now that you have a proper list of the fertilizer for tomatoes, choose one according to the soil and plant needs! Happy gardening!

Written by Sean Stratton

Sean Stratton

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