When to Start Watering Your Lawn [Complete Guide]

Know the best time to water a lawn in various locations to keep the grass lush and healthy.

Sean Stratton | Updated January 5, 2023
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What Month to Start Watering Lawn

Start watering your lawn in late March because this is when your lawn wakes up from winter dormancy. During this time, grass and plants need water and nutrients to grow, fight diseases, and reproduce.

If it’s been dry for a while and there have been signs of drought (e.g., brown patches in the grass), then you should start sprinkling water regularly.

This will help to stimulate plant growth and establish a good root system in the soil. Water your lawn twice weekly in the mornings during the summer months (June-September). Less watering than that can cause foliage wilting, brown patches on the surface of the turf, and dried roots.

How Often To Water Lawn in The Spring

Water your lawn once per week if the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

From 60 to 70 degrees, water your lawn twice weekly.

After temperatures go above 70 degrees consistently, start to water your lawn three times weekly.

A lush green lawn requires proper watering and timely fertilization.

When to Start Watering Lawn in Long Island

Most Long Island lawns do not require regular automatic watering until June. If the weather stays over 70 degrees for more than three days, you should start watering your lawn.

If you notice the grass is turning grayish or dull, start watering your lawn. Lack of water in the soil starts to affect the grass leaves.

Add some compost to the lawn soil for better root growth and to create a more resilient system to summer heat and drought.

When to Start Watering Lawn in Georgia

Start watering your lawn in George in late March.

When to Start Watering Lawn in Massachusetts

Start watering your lawn in Massachusetts in late May. The roots of your grass and turf will go deeper into the soil if you don’t water them too early in the year. The development of deep roots enables the grass to endure dry times without frequent irrigation.

As October approaches, the lawn’s water requirements decrease significantly due to fewer daylight hours and less sunlight. A lawn may still experience problems if there is no rain at all. If the weather turns dry lately, you can keep watering it until the end of October.

When to Start Watering Lawn in Colorado

Start watering your Colorado lawn one day per week in April.

Usually, between the middle of May and the beginning of June, the temperature rises from 70°F to 85°F, and the hotness lasts until September. During this time, water the lawn twice a week. After this time, if you feel the need to water the lawn or you see any dullness on the lawn, keep watering once a week until the season changes.

When to Start Watering Lawn in South Carolina

Start watering your South Carolina lawn in Mid-May to boost the lawn’s development.

What Month to Start Watering Lawn in Texas

To have a lush green lawn full of life and color, you need to water your lawn about 3-4 times per week from mid-April through mid-June. This will help your lawn grow faster and be ready for summer heat waves.

Written by Sean Stratton

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