When to Use 21 7 14 Fertilizer?

Unfamiliar with the 21-7-14 fertilizer? Discover its uses and proper application to keep your plants healthy year-round.

Sean Stratton | Updated February 28, 2023
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Your plants, vegetables, flowers, lawn, etc. need the right amount of nutrients to flourish. Some nutrients help develop a better root system, some help the plant tolerate diseases and pests, some help to achieve a vibrant color, and so on.

A good fertilizer with proper ingredients will provide essential nutrients to your plants to remain healthy over time.

In this article, we are going to discuss what is a 21 7 14 fertilizer, when to use 21 7 14 fertilizer, and more.

When to Use 21 7 14 Fertilizer

The time to apply 21-7-14 fertilizer will depend on which type of plant you are fertilizing.

  • If you fertilize shrubs as a winter or spring application, you must apply it between February through May.
  • If you are fertilizing grass as a winter application, you must apply it from mid-November to early December.

For spring application, use 21-7-14 fertilizer between April 15 to May 7. For summer application, fertilize from June 15 to June 30. For fall application, fertilize from September 1 to September 15.

What Is 21-7-14 Fertilizer?

The three hyphens separated numbers in any fertilizer indicate three vital nutrients for plants, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). The ‘K’ for potassium came from the name kalium. It’s a bit of Alchemy stuff, so we are not going to that discussion. Anyway, this number is widely known as the NPK ratio.

So, the number you see in the fertilizer indicates the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are present in the fertilizer. These percentages are determined based on the weight of the specific nutrient with respect to the weight of other nutrients in the mix. Here, this 21-7-14 fertilizer contains 21% nitrogen, 7% phosphorus, and 14% potassium.

An amazing fact about this 21-7-14 fertilizer is that it is a blend of 2 fertilizers. This fertilizer is great to provide essential nutrients to your plants.

What Is 21-7-14 Fertilizer Used For?

This 21-7-14 fertilizer can be used for different types of plants. You may use it on vegetables, flowers, fruit plants, etc. And if you notice your plants lack some nutrients, you can make a soil test to find out why. After the test, seek an expert opinion.

If the expert recommends 21-7-14 fertilizer, you can apply it following his direction. Since the 21-7-14 fertilizer contains a large amount of nitrogen, it can help restore the nitrogen level if your plants are lacking nitrogen.

It has a significant amount of phosphorus, and potassium as well. So, these two nutrients will help in promoting healthy growth. The 21-7-14 fertilizer can also help develop a stronger root system and healthier stems. Finally, this fertilizer can have a positive impact on the harvest.

Some of the 21-7-14 Fertilizers

There are some 21-7-14 fertilizers on the market. Among them are YaraMila® TURF ROYALE® 21-7-14, Shur-Crop 21-7-14 fertilizer, Bandini 21-7-14 fertilizer. Here are some brief discussions about these fertilizers to make you familiar with these fertilizers.


If you are looking for a 21-7-14 fertilizer for your plants, this one is a good option. It has a balanced amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The proper NPK ratio ensures proper nutrients. So, if your plants are lacking in vital nutrients, this can be an effective solution for your hungry plants.

This Turf Royale fertilizer is a compound so whether you spread a machine or your hands, it will not affect the even distribution of nutrients. A 50 lb. bag can cover a lot of areas. So, if you have a large garden or yard, you don’t need to worry about wide area coverage.

Shur-Crop 21-7-14 Fertilizer

This fertilizer is designed for general lawn use, flowers, vegetables, etc. The lawn fertilizer comes in a granular form, so it can be easily spread into the desired areas. And a 50 lb. bag of this 21 7 14 fertilizer is enough to cover a large area.

It has a good amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The nutrients in this fertilizer will promote the overall better health of your ornamentals, turf, vegetables, and flowers.

Where to Buy 21-7-14?

Firstly, our recommendation would be to look for the fertilizer at your local shops where they sell garden supplies. Some items in online shops or big brands like Home Depot can be pricey, so checking at local shops before jumping into these options can be a smart and cost-effective decision.

If you don’t find the fertilizer at your local shops, you can always search online. You can search on Amazon, eBay, or other trusted sites. However, you need to be prepared for some shipping charges. Finally, you can look for this fertilizer in big stores like Home Depot.

Beneficial 21-7-14 fertilizer:

How to Use 21 7 14 Fertilizer?

If the fertilizer is in granular form, you can simply spread it around the tree. Make sure to spread evenly. If you are fertilizing a mature tree that is more than five years old, you need to use half a cup of fertilizer. If it’s a little seedling, you need a quarter cup of fertilizer.

If the fertilizer is in liquid form, you need to take 1 part of fertilizer and 12 parts of water. Then mix them well, and you will be ready to spray the mixture on the leaves directly.

Final Thoughts

Fertilizing helps your plants regain lost nutrients, and it’s a crucial part of plant’s life. Fertilizing at the right time improves the plant’s overall health and increases the chances of a better harvest. In this article, we talked about the right time to use the 21-7-14 fertilizer. So, apply the fertilizer when it’s high time and hope for a bountiful harvest.

Written by Sean Stratton

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